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About Us

Welcome to Farjil!

Here you can find pewter and sterling silver jewelry handmade in Sweden!

We are inspired by a wide range of things, such as the beauty of nature, the anatomy of our body and the rich variety of animal wildlife. We search for beauty in untraditional places. Our motives are often found in things that are not traditionally seen as beautiful, but which still have aesthetic and interesting shapes, such as body organs, bones and animal skulls.

The company Färjil was founded in October 2013. Our company name Färjil is a game of words in the Swedish language. The word “färg” (which means color) has been put together with the word “fjäril” (which means butterfly). Together they create the name Färjil and make a visual description of our logo.

Our company is e-commerce based. We don’t have a physical store for the moment.

In our company we have control over the whole work process from idea to finished product: beginning with an idea, then making an original (wax model) and finally casting, oxidizing and polishing each item - before we get our finished handmade products of high quality.

All our jewelry is handmade by us, except that our Sterling Silver jewelry is cast by a foundry in Scotland, but they are still designed and finished by us.

 Best wishes,

Josefine and Lennart